Monday, December 1, 2008

Well....I am finally going to try and add some pictures to this blogging deal and start actully blogging! I get caught up just reading everyone else's and never add anything to my own. So....after this week-end hopefully you'll see more from me. We had such a good time at Thanksgiving with all the kids. On Sunday we took family pictures at the park with Sis Marie. There were 22 of us so we'll see how that goes. All the kids looked adorable though so I am sure we'll get some good ones out of it. Sis Marie is pretty amazing with pictures and we were so happy she agreed to take the time with us.

My sweet girls and boys

The Boys and Me

This one I could not resist putting up. I love this pic of Justin & Baby Jared

This is just a snap shot of the picture day with Marie, Mari caught this one

Buster with the girls

Here we are...... "The Rowell Girls"


Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

Shelly sure is looking very pregnant! So cute! ;o) Do they know if it's a boy or a girl? Beautiful photos.


Jason and Mari Rowell said...

Cute :-)

may-gin :) said...

u are very welcome mamaw; considering i am the one who helped u with thislittle project ;] lol
love u mamaw & family