Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Anniversary Celebration

Buster and I just celebrated our 38th anniversary tonight at the Pantages Theater seeing the play "Wicked". It was sooo beautiful! The singing was fantastic and I love the Theater it was a very special surprise from my husband. Since I do not really enjoy expensive dinners at fancy restaurants and I would rather have money than flowers....This was perfect! Thank you Babe! I enjoyed it more than anything you could have bought me. Thank you to all my kids for the beautiful card and all the phone calls...texts...and Mari's comments and pictures on her blog. Jeffrey wanted to take us to dinner the other night after church but it was late and we all just went to Denny's with the family and enjoyed each others company. Thank you to Jeffrey and Kristy for the yummy breakfast at 11:00pm! That's really all that it takes to make my day....being together with the our kids, making memories. This week-end is another memory making day among the Rowell clan....Baby Jared is being dedicated this Sunday morning. He looks so adorable in his little hats and he even got a tux to wear this week! Nicole found a really sweet song and her and Jared are singing at the dedication service. Several of Nicole's family are driving down from up north on Saturday to attend, and of course Auntie Jodi and Pappaw Great will be coming to church with us so....there will be a ton of us together this Sunday. Be sure and look for the pictures! :)

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Jason and Mari Rowell said...

Glad you and Dad had a wonderful day, and the celebration did continue for several days :-)

Love you,

Mari & Jason