Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The addition

A tiny sweet smelling, rosy bundle of joy will be arriving in a few hours in Whittier California. We have been waiting for 9 months. I was sure we would have her for a Christmas present but..... I guess that was just wishful thinking...I wanted Baby London to hurry up and get here! She will make her appearence at about 12:00 noon tomorrow morning, or should I say, today, since it is 2:00 am and I cannot sleep! I am so excited! We are all meeting at the hospital at about 10:00 am or so to await her delivery. Start looking for the pictures within the next couple of days.

Jimmy & Shelly are both awesome parents to their kids. I am so proud of them. Jimmy is the kid dad of dads if I ever saw one! I love to see him make his kids laugh in the mornings when they are tired and grumpy...he will kiss or tickle or smell up the room, or make faces or funny sounds just to make them laugh. It works every time! He has cooked their meals, combed their hair, taken them to church faithfully, and been MOM and DAD for the past 9 years on his own. Now....there's Shelly....she is the mommy of mommies too! She has very seldom left Morgan with sitter's, and then, with only Buster and I or her Mom. I would guess this has only been done a hand full of times since Morgan was born! She has taken on the responsibility of Brooklynn and Tristen as a new Step Mom like a pro. I appreciate that our grandchildren have a Godly example to look up to at home. She's a good cook, keeps a spotless house, and loves our son. Their first week of marriage included a camping trip with all the kids! If you knew Jimmy then you'll know she's the girl for him! I am happy for the addition of not only Shelly to our family but now....our new little bundle that I will call our JimmyShelly girl. Congradulations to you both! Love you tons, Mom

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