Sunday, January 4, 2009 she is....the cutest thing you ever did see! We are so happy to welcome our baby jimmyshelly girl to the family! And London is sooo excited she gets a playmate in a little less than 8 months. She is expecting her Uncle Jeffrey & Auntie Kristy to bring home a new bundle of joy for her to play with sometime around September! How fun for London Bree!

Congradulations to Krisy & Jeffrey for the exciting news! We love you and cannot wait for the day when you will experience what baby love is like! Nothing compares to Mommy & Daddy love to a new baby. Well...except God's love. But, somehow it seems like the Lord could not possibly love my kids as much as I do, except..... I know He does! Wow! Can you imagine? HOW MUCH GOD LOVES US!!!!!!! We are so blessed. Thank you Jesus for all your gifts and most especially...Your Love!

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Rachel Roberts said...

I'm so happy for Kristy & Jeff!!! Your family is growing by leaps and bounds :o) Exciting times!